Sunday, March 14, 2010

Madame Butterfly

So its Thursday morning and I am showering, getting ready for work. All of a sudden, I hear banging, pounding . . .somewhere afar off. I quickly take inventory in my mind of what this might be. . . my water pipes are about explode? . . .my washing machine is off balance? . . . a home invasion? I hastily finish up my shower to go play mama bear and make sure the family is ok. When I arrive on the scene downstairs, I quickly realize it is a case of sibling rivalry. My teenage son, apparently needed to use the restroom. Given that that the upstairs bathroom is occupied, he makes his way to the downstairs bathroom. Except, this is my daughter's bathroom. The place where she hibernates all morning long until she transforms herself from caterpillar to butterfly each morning. It would appear that she is convinced that every school day is a "walk on the red carpet" and the paparazzi are on standby, waiting to see how she will look when she arrives at school each day. Now when my teenage son enters her zone, all hell breaks loose. This sends my daughter into a 51/50 head spin. She pounds down the door, making it perfectly clear, she can waste no time waiting on something so trivial as someone needing to use the restroom. . . apparently, Madame Butterfly gets her assertiveness from her mother!

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