Saturday, March 6, 2010

Couture Denim AKA Skinny Jeans

According to Style Bible, every self-respecting fashionista should have at least ONE favorite pair of couture denim (AKA skinny jeans) in her wardrobe. Unfortunately the trend of skinny jeans is here and does not appear to be going away any time soon. I quite don't understand this fashion trend that accentuates your silhouette with chicken legs and makes your feet appear 10 times larger than they really are. Nevertheless, I can't leave the mall these days without buying my daughter skinny jeans. She now has a pair in every shade imaginable.

Now it wouldn't be quite so bad, except that my daughter wears size double zero (apparently she really did get the "skinny gene") Finding her size is quite a challenge, not to mention that trying on skinny jeans in the dressing room is a nightmare and nearly impossible since the legs on these jeans are tapered so tight that it literally takes two people to yank them off the ankle and over the heel.

Despite my lofty investment in this most recent fashion trend, I am looking forward to the day that this trend goes out of style. Now if my memory serves me correctly, I believe these form-fitting jeans were actually a trend in the 80's. That being said, . . . shouldn't it be "Hammertime" soon? ♥

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