Monday, March 1, 2010

Conversations in the car

Today's conversation in the car:

Too honest daughter: Mom, not to be mean, but you're getting old and sometimes I worry about what things will be like if you were gone.

Me: Don't think about that sweetie, I'm sure when the time comes, you'll be strong.

Too honest daughter: Yeah, I know. . . but I feel bad for my little sister. She's young, and . . . not to be mean but you're getting old. I would feel really bad if something happened to you. . . Where do you want to be buried?

Me: hmm. . . Probably in Gilroy, since most of my family that has passed is buried there.

Too honest daughter: Well, do you think you will be buried there?

Me: Not sure sweetie,. . . I'll be dead so I won't be in charge of my own burial. Now, jump out and check the mail before I die of old age right here in the car!♥

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