Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Tuna Fight

So as I am in my room getting ready for work, my daughter comes in and starts chatting.

Baby Girl: Me and Sammy are best buds but we got into a fight.

Me: Really? . . . What did you get into a fight about?

Baby Girl: Cuz I said that Sammy likes tuna and she said that she didn't like tuna and I said "Yes, you do. You do like tuna!"

Me: . . . .soooo. . . you got in a fight with Sammy over tuna?

Baby Girl: . . . .Yes, cuz she rolled her eyes at me. . .and I asked our friends, "did Sammy just roll her eyes at me?" and they said yes so I said "It's on now! Meet me out back, I'll FEED you tuna!"

Me: WTH?. . . . This, from a 7 year old?????

Troubled by this story, I share this with my husband on our way in to work.
Me:. . . . So then, baby girl told Sammy "It's on now! Meet me out back, I'll FEED you tuna!". . . Where does she get this stuff?

Hubby: She gets that from you. . .you're the feisty one!

Me: WTH??????

Spring Cleaning

This weekend I cleaned house like my in-laws were coming over!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taurus is the New Gemini?

My great grandmother watched Walter Mercado religously. I often recall as a young girl, visiting her at her home across from St. Mary's church in Gilroy. . . . She always had him on the television. Even if she was catching up on the chisme with my grandmother, tia or my mother and not even watching the tv, we were never allowed to change the channel when Walter Mercado was on. Well, despite many reports to the contrary, according to Walter Mercado, the western zodiac method has not changed and I'm still a taurus! What a relief!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top 10 signs you might be a Super Mom

1. You often drive everyone elses' children around (and feed them)
2. You know where all the clean restrooms are located in every mall you visit
3. You occasionally do your children's homework (and later check in to see what grade you got)
4. You can make a dollar stretch further than spandex pants
5. You take off your chancla and your kids start running
6. Cuddling with your child makes all the worries of the world go away
7. Your kids still ask you for fashion advice
8. You still love your child after he/she has wrecked your car
9. Your kids "friend request" you on facebook
10. You always remember to keep your children in prayer ♥