Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why you shouldn't ask me for directions

Recently, my husband and I have been casually looking around at various properties as we would really like a little more "living space".

We occasionally surf Craig's List or other venues to see what is available in the area. So my husband apparently stumbled upon a property on Craig's List that he thinks might be what we are looking for. He texts me to see if perhaps I might want to stop by to see the home with him after work. I agree.

We meet up at home and then we hop in my car and head toward the freeway. My husband starts making phone calls to arrange to view the home. So now my husband is driving, talking on the cell phone, and trying to take directions to this prospective home.

As he twists and turns, struggling to hold the phone to his ear with his shoulder, while driving, I take notice that he obviously could use a little help. I come to the rescue, shuffle through my purse to locate a pen, scurry to grab a random piece of paper from the car floor and begin scribbling down the directions as he speaks them out loud, repeating every direction as he hears it. My husband gives me "that look" as if to ask, "did you get that?" I reassure him that I got it by nodding my head. My husband hangs up the phone and we begin to follow my written directions toward the home:

Exit the 101 on Lewis
Turn right on Adolfo
Turn left on "I can't read my own writing"
And then turn right on Calle "something or other"

Ok, sorry, not so helpful. . .this is why you shouldn't ask me for directions!

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