Monday, January 25, 2010

Frazzled by Fruit Roll-Ups

Dear Grocery Store Clerk:
Today, while on my shopping excursion, I was lured into buying your advertised special: Buy four boxes of Fabulously Flavored Fruit Roll-Ups and save big $$$$.

Now you and I both know that I have no business buying four boxes of Fruit Roll-Ups. But according to your ad, you have to buy four boxes in order to realize the savings. To be quite honest with you, I feel a bit guilty giving my kids these processed, rolled up, sugar-filled, fabulously fruity snacks. Personally, I prefer fresh fruit. . . even organic if the deal is right. . . but this was one bargain I just couldn't pass up.

Now I pride myself in being a pretty savvy shopper, so I am sure you can understand how frazzled I was when I got home to find that I was charged full price for all four boxes of fabulous fruit flavors. Now although in my heart of hearts, I want to march right back into your store and demand a price adjustment, my good economic sense reminds me that time is money and gas is expensive. . . and so, now, Mr. Grocery Store Clerk: I join the ranks of other vulnerable mothers duped into your Fabulous Fruit Flavored, Fruit Roll-Up, Bait and Switch Conspiracy.

Very truly yours,
Frazzled by Fruit Roll-Ups

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