Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Non-Traditional Play Date

My husband and I have been recently contemplating moving closer to our jobs. This would mean leaving our cozy community of Camarillo and relocating to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. A difficult transition for the kids, new community, new schools, new friends. So, to make the prospect of this difficult transition more bearable, I come up with a suggestion of a playdate for babygirl. This would give her an opportunity to make a more personal connection with some of her choice classmates with hopes that their friendships would withstand a relocation. Once my daughter caught wind of this idea, there was no turning back. With Papi's help, by morning, an invitation was hot off the printer and a playdate was scheduled. Due to our lengthy daily work commute and busy weekend schedule, this would have to be a non-traditional playdate: 7:00-8:00p.m. on a school night. On our commute home from work, my husband and I discuss that we are certain that no one will show. Afterall, what parent in their right mind takes their child to an evening play date on a school night, especially on such short notice. We anticipate that baby girl will be disappointed if no one shows but we are prepared to explain to her that it's tough with parents having to work, etc. Now, as for the play date planning, I wish I could say that I prepared a variety of healthy snacks, yummy baked goods, and the perfect play date atmosphere, but I'm no Martha Stewart, . . . . .I am more of a Paula Deen. So we swing by little ceasars on our way home from work and pick up some hot and ready pizzas and buffalo wings. These kids can stomach that, I mean, let's be real, they eat hot cheetos and takis all day. Fortunately, my husband had just recently purchased a bootleg copy of Happy Feet 2 in 3D so both the menu and the entertainment are set for the evening. As we finally arrive home and begin walking toward the front door, I realize, it's mid January and we haven't even taken down our Christmas Tree or decorations. I comment to my husband, how embarassing, what are these parents gonna think that we still have our Christmas Tree and decorations up in Mid January? Baby girl quickly reassures me in her best 'chola' voice, don't worry mom, I will just tell them "We're Mexicanos, ese, That's how we do it!" (Note to self: We really need to stop letting these kids listen to music by Cheech & Chong!) Before we know it, the doorbell rings, time and time again, with gitty 3rd graders arriving in their pjs, robe and slippers ready to "play date". They all eat pizza and then we are ready to start the movie. With the start of the movie, I make an attempt at making microwave popcorn which I burn and have to walk a steaming bag of palomitas quemadas outside to keep it from smelling up the kitchen. (My excuse, every microwave is different, it even says so right on the package!) But, no worries, my hubby comes to the rescue, teaching me how to make microwave popcorn and 2nd time is a charm. Unfortunatley, the movie turns out to be a bad bootleg copy; blurry and apparently we forgot the 3D glasses so that keeps the girls' attention for about 5 minutes. On the up side, our dog, Guero, seems to be a big hit and the family computer in the living room provides plenty of youtube videos for the girls to dance to. Before we know it, it's 8:00p.m. and parents begin arriving to pick up the girls. The girls end the evening showing us all how to shuffle and a fun and exhausting, non-traditional play date comes to an end. ♥

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