Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Tuna Fight

So as I am in my room getting ready for work, my daughter comes in and starts chatting.

Baby Girl: Me and Sammy are best buds but we got into a fight.

Me: Really? . . . What did you get into a fight about?

Baby Girl: Cuz I said that Sammy likes tuna and she said that she didn't like tuna and I said "Yes, you do. You do like tuna!"

Me: . . . .soooo. . . you got in a fight with Sammy over tuna?

Baby Girl: . . . .Yes, cuz she rolled her eyes at me. . .and I asked our friends, "did Sammy just roll her eyes at me?" and they said yes so I said "It's on now! Meet me out back, I'll FEED you tuna!"

Me: WTH?. . . . This, from a 7 year old?????

Troubled by this story, I share this with my husband on our way in to work.
Me:. . . . So then, baby girl told Sammy "It's on now! Meet me out back, I'll FEED you tuna!". . . Where does she get this stuff?

Hubby: She gets that from you. . .you're the feisty one!

Me: WTH??????


  1. Nice. Very classic story. I say it's television. I know I'm old school... but TV kills the brain haha. blessings.

  2. I also very much forgot to leave me blog info.